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Best TV brands and Series available in 2022

If you want to buy the Best TV from any shop in BD; kone Electronics you can easily go to any well-known Shop or E-commerce site to get your desired TV. Most mention-worthy Brands and series are Starex NB, Starex GS, Haier L, Mi 4A ANDROID SMART TV,

Best Television shop in BD

Televisions or TVs are one of the most staple parts of our daily life. There is hardly a house in Bangladesh without a TV set in it. TVs do come in various shapes, sizes, types, and form factors. If you want to buy a new TV or upgrade your old one, it is fairly easy to get a television from any Television shop. You can even buy your TV online from any trusted E-commerce site.

Types of TV available for you to buy kone Electronics

Before you make up your mind and make the final purchase; you must know what type of TV is available in the market. So that you can decide what TV you should buy. There are different types of TVs available in the market at various price ranges. All these TVs support variable refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz up to 240 Hz. Basic LED TV is the most common and affordable TV in the market. These TVs are a great choice if you have a low budget or you want to buy a cheap basic TV. The second type is LED and LCD combination sets;

best electronics shop

Most Televisions today are some type of LED and LCD combination. They use special LCD panels with an LED light at the back. They have fewer screen variations available. Namely OLED and QLED. OLED TVs use Organic Light-Emitting Diodes which emit light in response to electric charge. These TVs last very long. These are best suited for you if you have a mid-range budget and want better picture quality.QLEDs or Quantum Light Emitting Diodes are the next generations of LCDs