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    kone Electronics is the largest one-stop shopping destination in Bangladesh. Launched in 2021, the online store offers the widest range of products in categories ranging from kone Electronics electronics to household appliances, latest smart phones, Camera, Computing & accessories , kone Electronics


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    Intro Electronics Shop

    K-One Electronics Service is an Electronics product seller.
    We are Now Selling-
    – Refrigerator
    – TV

    Who We Are?
    Our identity is relatively auspicious, we’re Techfreak. We’re a group of freak people, albeit the term’ freak’ must be considered in positive sense. Freak is defined as someone who’s so ardently devoted to commodity that it resembles an dependence . And our freakiness goes to technology. We’re like other common people, but what makes us different is the violent zeal towards technology which has brought us under common platform.

    No matter whether you’re a pupil, mastermind, croaker , cricketer, professor, attorneys, or indeed vagabond or having whatever professional background, if you love and suppose of technology, you’re one of us. We’re spread around you.

    Behind- the- Scenes

    Behind- the- Scenes
    There’s no deficit of gift in our country, but deficit of electronic device is always an undetermined question, which demoralizes thousands of enthusiasticindividuals.However, the practice of exploration must have been geared up and we believed that this task won’t be so tough, If this failing could have managed ever.

    From this provocation, we took the responsibility of enduring all hap hazards faced in case of collecting electronic bias,

    Techshopbd is one sort of your constant helping hand on whom you can rely, with no doubt, for any technological support and related assistance. To be more precise, it is an online retail store that sells the electronic bits and pieces needed for a competent electronic project. We don’t discriminate among the bits and pieces on their sizes and range of use. Everything, that has even a minimum use at the project, is also considered with equal significance.